alphatrend Fund - The All Weather Fund

Share class RShare class I
WKN / ISINA2DXW9 / LU1687250271A3C6ZS / LU2406613492
Initial chargeup to 5%0%
Management feeup to 0,14% p.a.up to zu 0,14% p.a.
Advisory feeup to 1,07% p.a. bisup to 1,00% p.a
Trailer feeup to 0,60% p.a.0%
Depository feeup to 0,04% p.a.up to 0,04% p.a.
Dividend policydistributingdistributing
Minimum investment100 Euro100.000 Euro
Performance fee15% of acquired surplus above Euribor +3% (high watermark)15% of acquired surplus above Euribor +3% (high watermark)
Capital management companyLRI Invest S.A. Luxembourg / www.lri invest.luLRI Invest S.A. Luxembourg / www.lri
Investment advisorP.A.M. Prometheus Asset Management GmbHP.A.M. Prometheus Asset Management GmbH
Custodian bankEuropean Depository Bank S.A. LuxembourgEuropean Depository Bank S.A. Luxembourg