alphatrend Fund - The All Weather Fund

Purely systematic. Diversified. Highly flexible.

The alphatrend Fund pursues the objective of generating high positive returns in euros, irrespective of the developments on the capital markets. In doing so, the globally investing all-weather fund aims to achieve a medium to long term return comparable to equities while at the same time reducing price fluctuations significantly.

Stability even in difficult times

The alphatrend Fund has truly earned the name 'all-weather fund', as its highly flexible investment approach enables it to control risks even in difficult market times.

Clear rules instead of emotions

The core of the alphatrend fund is its systematic, purely rule-based approach, which completely avoids subjective decision-making processes when designing the portfolio. Instead, the behavioral patterns of the capital markets, which have been analyzed and recognized on a long-term basis, form the foundations of the fund's investment strategy.

One like no other

Looking closely, investors will quickly realize that most funds have a very high correlation to other funds and to general market conditions. The alphatrend Fund, on the other hand, is unique with its investment approach, as it has no detectable correlation – neither to the markets nor to other funds.

Why is alphatrend Fund different?

  • It combines two independent, purely rule-based investment strategies (basic strategies).
  • While Basic Strategy 1 invests exclusively in highly liquid single stocks and flexibly adjusts the stock allocation between 0 and 100%, Basic Strategy 2 focuses on international equity and bond indices via futures and positions itself in these either on rising (LONG) or falling prices (SHORT). This allows the alphatrend Fund to profit in both rising and falling market phases, regardless of the capital market environment.
  • Within each of the two basic strategies, three different sub-strategies are used (breakout, contrarian, swing), whose buy and sell signals are based on completely independent approaches.
  • The average holding period for stocks and futures is on average only 5 to 16 days and thus also differs significantly from other fund concepts. The alphatrend Fund thus reacts - in the truest sense of the word - highly flexibly to market changes.


Summa summarum

The alphatrend Fund is uncorrelated, highly flexible, broadly diversified and ...really different. In addition, it has a far above average risk/reward profile.

This makes the fund a very interesting investment for investors that are yield-oriented and at the same time attach importance to convincing risk management.